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sound intention is now an established name in the tv broadcast equipment supply chain that professionals are talking about and trust.

our business model enables tv broadcasters direct access to equipment manufactures who previously placed distributors in the supply chain. direct access means better engineering support as well as more competitive commercial terms.

with better communication between the tv broadcast users and the and the development and marketing teams of the equipment manufacturers, new product which has been market driven becomes available faster to meet the ever growing technical demands of our customers.

we work with manufactures who offer the most advanced technical solutions available today, thus offering an enhanced flexible workflow to our customers. all of the products we support are designed and manufactured in europe and exceed the quality and build standards expected. our partners products meet all the latest european environmental directives in full and are always seeking to continuously reduce the impact their business has on the environment.

the products we work with all complement each other and are non-competing. in several tv broadcast facilities and outside broadcast vehicles products from each of our partner manufacturers can be seen working together. this offers many advantages including ease of integration through experience and reduced marketing costs which we are happy to pass on to our customers.

if however you work in the radio industry and are interested in audio desks please contact Preco who are able to support you better.

bel (digital audio) ltd. , based in milton keynes, uk, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist broadcast monitoring and audio utility equipment.

bel is run by its original founders - all engineers. In fact, they are professional engineers designing products for professional engineers. the philosophy is simple: to continue to design extremely high performance and reliable audio and video equipment which addresses the changing needs of current broadcast techniques. high mechanical build quality, ease of use and reliability are the starting points of all bel designs.

as well as bel's audio delays, the standard product range now includes a wide range of audio and video in-rack broadcast monitors ranging from simple 2 channel analogue devices to comprehensive dolby® e and 8 channel hd sdi specified models. the design principles of ease of use and solid reliability remain and therefore these products are found throughout the world in mcr, ob and flyaway systems.

top quality and innovative technology have made lawo what it is today: an internationally leading provider of digital mixing consoles and routing systems. as a reliable partner of tv stations, of production companies, theatres and event organisers lawo's work is characterised by high customer orientation. because this is the only way we can create the future-orientated solutions you expect from lawo. and to present with you products which do not only convince technically, but also fascinate the users worldwide.

whether it is a telephone interview on the radio, a major live show in a congress hall or an international mega event with a global tv audience – thanks to lawo's broad range of products, they can offer you a suitable solution for every task. but whatever you choose – the z4, the crystal or the zirkon, the mc˛56, the mc˛66 or the mc˛90 – one thing will be the same: with lawo’s mixers you choose high reliability, great ease of use and maximum functionality. you choose excellent Lawo quality.

the "virtual studio manager" (vsm) from l-s-b technologies is a state-of-the-art controller system that incorporates all aspects of broadcast control and more. regardless of whether you need to control tally, routers, glue equipment or gadgets, audio consoles, video mixers, gpio's, umd's, multiviewer, panels, a/b-switches and many more - the vsm integrates all. the vsm has proven its flexibility and reliability in both mobile and stationary studios. the unequalled redundancy makes It perfect for 24/7 applications while its online editing features give you the means to respond to your needs instantly, providing the perfect base for mobile and live productions.

4hm was formed because of an industry requirement for a cost-effective product that was able to provide a solution to a problem that had hitherto remained unresolved. the initial product (sam64) is now in production and complementary products are in development for release in 2010.

sam64 extracts 16 audio channels from each of the unit’s four sdi inputs to provide a total of 64 audio channels in both madi (aes10id-2008) and aes3 (aes3-1992) formats. all sdi inputs independently auto-sense between 3g, hd and sd standards and are provided with loop-through connectivity for downstream equipment.

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